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Gustave Eiffel French engineer Britannica.
He designed the movable dome of the observatory at Nice and the framework of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. Eiffel startled the world with the construction of the Eiffel Tower 1887-89, which brought him the nickname magician of iron.
Tour Eiffel, Paris, France - Google Arts&Culture.
La tour Eiffel a été construite par Gustave Eiffel à loccasion de lExposition Universelle de 1889 qui célébrait le premier centenaire de la Révolution française. Sa construction en 2 ans, 2 mois et 5 jours, fût une véritable performance technique et architecturale.
The History of the Eiffel Tower - PARISCityVISION.
The Eiffel Tower is part of the French History. Book your Eiffel Tower tickets online with PARISCityVISION to know more about the Eiffel Tower History. The success story of the Eiffel Tower. Every year approximately 7 million visitors climb the Tower.
The Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower Tourism information and hotels nearby Monuments.
The Eiffel Tower was conceived by French engineer Gustave Eiffel during a competition to create an impressive monument for the upcoming World's' Fair hosted in Paris. Beating out proposals from other engineers, Eiffel's' creation was selected and construction took place between 1887 and 1889 just in time for its grand debut at the World's' Fair, also known as the Exposition Universelle.
The Eiffel tower - tickets and practical information.
Unfortunately these, days large volumes of tickets for the Eiffel Tower get bought upby tour operators and onlineresellers, as soon as they go on sale: so independent travellers willfind it almost impossible to get tickets from the official Eiffel Towerwebsite, except in very low season.
The Eiffel Tower.
The Man Who Sold the Eiffel Tower for Scrap Metal, Twice. Arguably the most memorable story surrounding the Eiffel Tower is that of Victor Lustig; the charismatic conman, who with the charm of Roger Moore, and the scarred appearance of a Bond villain, successfully sold the Eiffel Tower for scrap metal, twice!
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Eiffel Tower: 8 Tips for Visiting by Rick Steves.
On shorter notice - often available fairly last-minute - you can buy a reservation time for the second level for about $65 by joining one of Fat Tire Tours'' Skip" the Line" Eiffel Tower tours price includes Eiffel Tower ticket to the second level.

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